Sunday, March 11, 2012

I hate Facebook!

but I'm an addict!

Just when you thinking you've put infertility on the back burner and don't have to think about it at least for a week or two somebody goes and posts baby pictures or belly pictures or hey guess what were pregnant. Why can't I just walk away from Facebook?

Plus I don't think posting here the other day help. It just made me think about do I plan a life without kids and then again how to I plan a life without kids. Do you just play without them and if it happens you fit it in. That sounds horrible! Oh course I think about a baby almost daily, and how to save enough money. Can we afford IVF if we find a really good deal? I just wish I could shut the want off and not think about it. It would make life easier!


  1. Girl, you need to deactivate your account!!! It's so freeing! Just try it for a week, then you will realize that you don't feel the need to check it! I deactivated my account back in September or October and don't feel the need to get back on.

  2. I hate facebook, too. And I'm addicted, too. I deactivate my account when things get too bad. Last Monday, for instance, 7 people decided to announce their pregnancy on facebook. SEVEN! That doesn't include those I already knew were pregnant or who finally had their kids. It really screws up my mental functioning some days. It feels good to not be addicted and bombarded with pregnant people.

    Stick to the blogging :)

  3. Yea I think I have hit my breaking point. I'm gonna deactivate mine.

  4. There are some days that I am better. Right now with 9 people around me who are pregnant. It is not one of those times. Would love for you to follow me, on our journey through infertility.