Friday, May 31, 2013


I tested this morning. Both my two previous cycles trigger was gone at 9dpiui. The first cycle i tested every two days from day 2. 2nd cycle I only tested at day 5 and 9. This time since I was outta town I decided just to test day 9. UGH it was positive, very positive. Ok not very but it looked like the one I took at day five the first cycle. Yes I have them taped to a piece of paper still.

I really believe I'm pregnant but I don't wanna get my hopes up. I went and got frer and I'll take one tomorrow and Sunday. I kinda hope the cheap one is darker tomorrow and then I'll know but if nothing else i hope I have a better idea by Sunday.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have been meaning to post everyday but I've been so tired.

5dpiui - light cramping but it was pretty good day. We drove 8 hours home and I spelt at least 3 hours in the car so I didn't notice to much.

6dpiui- more cramping, pain/pressure down below. Very tired, don't know if thats the three day weekend or pregnancy? Huge painful boobs.

7dpiui- pinching on my sides. Still cramping and tired. Huge boobs, painful boobs.

8dpiui (today) - Pretty intense cramping. My bbs hurt so badly. After my nap I had to put a bra on they hurt so bad. I finally got to take a nap after work. I slept for 2 1/2 hours and it's not even 10pm and I'm ready to crash. My boobs are getting out of control HUGE!

I hope so so so much this is it. If it's not this is some cruel sick joke. In my gut I really think I'm pregnant but I'm so scared it's in my head and we'll have to move on to injectibles.

Planning on testing tomorrow to make sure trigger is gone and then I'm gonna try to hold out till Tuesday.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cd13 - 4pdiuu

Sorry I haven't been around this week. I worked extra everyday so I could leave early to go out of town. This was on top of class and IUI.

Tuesday - just worked and had acupuncture. My ovaries killed most of the day. 

Wen - IUI went great!! 13 million. They decided since I have an apt June 4th for injectibles that they'll do a beta since that's 13dpo. They really this is our cycle and won't need it but I have the apt either way. I started a 6 week class on Mon and Wen nights. I loved it.

Thur 1dpiui - cramping and sore. I alway wake up feeling so much better day after IUI. Sore bbs had started.

Friday 2dpiui - I just had a headache. I was also really really bloated. As soon as we got on the rd Chris had me take meds and I slept the first six hrs and woke up feeling much better.

Saturday 3dpiui - started progesterone. I had some cramping and really bloated. My bbs have blown up!

Sunday 4dpiui - light cramping, sick after I ate (progesterone). 

That's all I got for now. Enjoying Albuquerque! It's so pretty here! Headed home tomorrow and back to the grind Tuesday. Very thankful for a short week.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The nerve of some people.

I am truly blown away by some people. I was raised to work hard, be kind, pray for others and help them in any way I can. I have worked my butt off since I was 15 years old, really younger baby sitting and mowing lawns. I donate to the food bank and animal shelter monthly. I have been blessed with an ok job as well as my husband. I do have student loans and medical bills but no real debit. The fact that I don't making $100,000 to pay for IVF doesn't mean I don't deserve to be a mother. I picked a loving, amazing, God fearing man to marry and we are infertile. God has blessed me with amazing friends that have donated money but yes I have sold many many things to add to our fund. We don't buy things we can't afford. I would give anyone the shirt off my back and anyone who knows the real me knows this. If I could work three jobs I would but going to school, working, and attending church (I start teaching in Sep) I am left with very little time. Not to add I can't be on my feet to much since I was hurt while in the Army serving our country. I never pull that card but I am the one that raised my hand and vowed to fight for you to the right to say the hateful things you believe.

At first I thought you were just ignorant and I was willing to let your comments go, or even try and educate but now I know you are just hateful.

Why can one donate personally to a friend after they've lost their house in a tornado but you can't donate money to a friend to have a baby. Should my friends that lost their house suck up their bad luck and be told to get another job and deal with insurance and rebuilding yourself? No we should give what we can and help. If my friends and family are blessed and want to help us build our dream of a family then they are amazing people. I have no forced anyone to help me nor do I expect it. My dream is a family and someone elses might be to open a hotel or whatever and you would expect your friends and family to support that. Is it not right for those lucky people who have IVF coverage thru their insurance to use it? They didn't work three jobs for it, they just got lucky.

I know this post will not chance the mind of those that aren't willing to open their minds and not judge others. I live my life the best I can trying to serve God. He and only he has blessed me with good friends and family who support me. That support may be money, a pray, a hug, a dose of HCG, whatever, I am truly blessed! I wish that you knew what feeling blessed was like. I feel sorry for you.

To those that stepped up and had my back and love me thank you. Ya'll are amazing and I love you!!

Just a side note I have donated to those harmed by the tornado. Many are close personal friends. I also opened my home to them. It could have been me and then what? Then you would donate?

Monday, May 20, 2013

CD 12 US

19 and an 11
25, 21, 19, 11

They thought that based on the US that I might have already started to ovulate but I had not. I trigger here every soon which is awesome because my ovaries are killing and then IUI wen!!

Ready to do this!!! My ankle is killing but i'm not complaining because with this horrible tornado many good friends lost everything. Rough day!

Friday, May 17, 2013

What a week

I have had the worst week.

Last wen I started allergy shots. Also came down with a horrible headache, figured it was the progesterone crash as I'd stopped that Monday. I alway get a headache/migraine before AF. AF started Thursday. By Saturday it hadn't gone away but I figured since my progesterone was finally at a normal level that it was just a harder crash and hoped it would be gone by morning. started my clomid that night as well. Sunday came and still a migraine, now it was getting worse. I called and talked to the on call RE to see what she thought and she said it shouldn't be the progesterone crash at this point and that I could take NSAID's until cd12. I thought oh thank goodness ecedrine will knock this out. WRONG! Monday came and I just couldn't deal, I called the allergy doctor to see if it could have been a reaction to the allergy shots i had started (thats what I think it was) they said no so I made an apt with the reg doctor. He gave me some migraine med and ordered a CT of my head. The meds gave me some relief but the longer i took them the less they helped. Oh I forgot Sunday night I ran in the store to get my newspapers (had to have my coupons) and rolled my ankle. I knew it was sore Monday but with such a bad migraine I didn't worry to much about the soreness. By Tuesday I knew something was really wrong with my foot. It was pretty purple. I called and made an apt with my foot doctor. Couldn't see me till Thursday. I saw the chiro Tuesday and hopped acupuncture would help me migraine. It did at the moment and he looked at my foot and said he didn't think it was broken but thought I might have torn something. GREAT! By Wen my migraine was so bad I couldn't work, I had sun glass on at my desk and finally wrapped an icepack to my head. My boss finally told me he understood I wanted to work but I looked like crap and needed to go home or maybe the ER. Since I could barely walk and couldn't see straight I went to the ER. 

They did X-rays and my foot was broken, the did a CT and it was clear. The ER doctor thought it was the allergy shot so that made me feel better. After several tries they got an IV and gave me fluids just in case I was dehydrated. They gave me some really good drugs. I was GONE! I remember saying I'm soooo high over and over, I remember my dad picking me up and taking me to eat but I don't remember talking to anyone, texting, nothing. It was pretty funny reading those texts later. The next morning I had slept thru my alarm and called in. I don't remember calling in but my phone and boss said I did. I was out for a whole day pretty much. The ER also put me on crutches and left it up to the foot doctor I was seeing the next day if I needed an MRI. 

Went to the foot doctor Thursday and he said I tore two ligaments in my ankle and so I'm in a boot for 2-3 weeks. It really hurts. I also forgot how much crutches suck, the boots no fun either.

I still have a headache but it's not anywhere as bad. I'm taking the migraine med still and 800mg ibuprofen. I can't take the good stuff durin the day cause he pretty much knocks me out or makes me straight loopy. 

I went to work today and I felt so foggy all day but somehow I worked my 8. I'm down to one sick day the rest of the year. UGH!

With all this crap going on is it safe to do IUI next week? Did I fry my follicles with all these drugs?

Man I need to sleep....some more. 

Monday, May 6, 2013


Neg test this morning so I'm out. Hubby and I talked it over and have decided well do another 2 cycle just like we decided in the beginning. One more clomid and an injectable. If the doctor is ok with all this. I'm pretty sad and have cried but I'm trying to move on. It's going to take a couple days to regroup but I'm sure it'll take a couple days for my period to start after stopping progesterone.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Trigger is gone. Can't wait till Monday.

I stayed home from work today because i felt so sick. My throat is on fire today. I feel better after this evenings batch of meds so I hope they will kick this things. I have to go to work tomorrow so I hope I can sleep tonight.

I can't tell is anything I'm feeling is the meds or pregnancy. I feel just like I did at 9dpiui last time. That makes me feel kinda good because it did work last time but it's still frustrating since I am on so many meds.

Please let this work! Please let this work!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I went to the doctor and I do in fact have bronchitis again. UGH. They gave me a steriod shot to jump start everything and then I start pills tomorrow. He said my breathing was pretty bad which is scary since I only started coughing yesterday. OK is for sure not my friend! Makes me wanna move away, I've never been this sick month after month.

My bbs blew up today. HUGE!!! Oh and at the doctor I've gained 15 lbs since starting treatment. 5 of which is new and the heaviest I've ever been. UGH Can you not gain weight when your pregnant? I'm only 1/2 kidding.

I'm also really really hot. Not all the time but most of the day.

I tested this morning even thought I said I'd wait till tomorrow it was still positive. Come on trigger get out.

I've been nauseous for days so if it's the trigger I'd like a couple days of peace before 9 weeks of this. Yes I am remaining positive. Only a few more days now.