My story

I'll start off by saying I'm sorry this is so long.

Chris and I got married in 09/07 and we knew with family history there might be problems getting pregnant so I stopped taking BCP in 10/07 and we got pregnant pretty fast in 12/07. We were so excited and alittle taken aback that it happened so easily. We'll our dreams were short lived as I MC 01/4/08 at 5w3d. It was hard there for a month or so but I felt or fell we moved on well.

My body on the other hand had different planes. I gained about 40lbs, couldn't sleep, even when I did I never felt rested. I just never felt right, plus my cycles were all over. They gave us a few months hoping it was just my body adjusting after the MC. They finally decided to send us to an RE in 11/08. However the week before my apt DH was laid off and there went our insurance. We moved a county away for cheaper living and a better county health care plan. The OB there was dumb as rocks and kept telling me I was depressed from losing our baby. I fought her tooth and nail until she sent me to a new doctor for thyroid tests.

After an US and biopsy and blood test they told me I had hypothyroidism. They sent me to a surgeon because they thought it might have to be taken out. They started me on 300mcg and told me to come back in three months, were they dropped me to 200mcg, three months later back up to 300mcg. At this point I would have 4 to 6 weeks of adjusting to the meds and then feel great for a week or two and then have a month of feeling crummy, then see him again and go thur that pattern again.

I got fed up with him not listening to me, not running more tests, treating me like I was stupid (which at that time I was, I didn't know anything about how to manage my thyroid). We still couldn't get pregnant and I just felt depressed all the time. In 3/10 I decided the RE was the answer and was hoping maybe she could manage my thyroid. She couldn't and said she wouldn't/couldn't help us get pregnant until my thyroid levels were in normal range. She sent me to an endocrinologist who is AMAZING! He found that my doctor hadn't been doing the right blood work, that I was on so much thyroid medication that my body didn't know what to do with it. (Explained all the headaches) He lowered my dose to 150mcg, 6 weeks later to 100, then to 88, then 75 and now I've been on 66.5 for a year.

We decided to move on to IUI in Feb 12 but found out we have male factory and that was put to a stop. Now we have to decide on sperm donor or IVF.

Pursed getting approved to adopted thru the state. In Jan 13 we were approved.

We got a 2nd opinion in Jan 2013 and he thinks we can get pregnant with IuI and hubby's sperm. We just completed IUI!!