Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I think I'm getting bronchitis again. UGH I see the doctor tomorrow. I talked to the RE nurse and she said I can take my inhaler but like many things they don't know the full side effects on the baby so I'm trying to take it easy so I don't need it.

I feel pretty crappy. On top of which hubbys flight was so delayed last night that I only got about four of sleep.  Accupunture did help thought. I think here in a bit I'm going to go to bed.

Things are starting to smell funky and diet dr pepper isn't tasting so great either.

I love my RE nurse, when I talked to her today she said she would be looking forward to my good new come Monday. She is 1000% sure I'm pregnant and it makes me feel better! She has her transfer tomorrow and I pray so much that shes pregnant too. She's truly amazing.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Yesterday I got my hair down. The color turned out really red and not brown. Guess any tiny hint of warmth pulls red, they are going to redo it since I got it done at a school. I love love love the cut thought.

I keep trying to add a pic but it's not working GRR.

5dpiui I am sooooo thirsty! Is that normal with progesterone? I don't remember this last time.

Friday, April 26, 2013


I wasn't going to keep track of my symptoms this cycle but after things start I have found myself looking back at my blog from IUI#1 and being so glad I blogged and know whats normal. I've kinda changed my mind clearly.


Oh my word the dog started barking and this horrible sound and I realized oh my word hail on my nice car so I shut the computer and ran outside to move my car under a tree, the hail hurt but I got it under a tree and blocked by a building on the side the hail was coming from. The water was already flooding the parking lot as I ran back so my feet are wet and cold but maybe I saved my newish car from being ruined. UGH

Ok back to my post

1dpiui - slight headache
2dpiui - cramping in the morning but went away with water intake
3dpiui slight cramping like on the sides/back pain. Dinner tasted gross and everybody agreed the crackers used to make the chicken fried steak were old. I however was the only one to throw up. Once before I left my parents and one on the ride home. Is throwing up normal 5 days after 10000U trigger?? (no one else got sick just fyi)

Yesterday I woke up at 4am to take hubby to the airport to see him mom. Well I look at my phone and there is a text from my sister in law from the night before and I open it and it says we have big news to share with a positive pregnancy test. She's 18, still living with her parents during the week and she's still in high school. Yes they got married while she was in high school as they had to be married at least a year before my brother got out of the army to get the extra money. UGH

Well thats all I got. Hope you all are well.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today I was quite emotional. I feel like I somehow have become the black sheep in my family or I'm always going to be 2nd best. It's really annoying in general but even more so when its about babies. There are no grandkids in the family as of yet so when I'm the one trying to get pregnant it's frustrating my mom cares about my siblings future kids and not mine. It's like saying she's givin up on me either having any at all or being the first one to them. (remember my brother got married in May and my sister is getting married in Nov) Anyways I'm trying not to let family get to me but I can't help it when it hurts. I just feel like me or my life/family (chris and I) are not important and thats hurtful.

I had a really bad breakout of hives today at work. That was fun, all over my face and neck to start and it spread all the way down my stomach, legs before I was able to get away and go get something. As soon as I took the meds they were gone in 15 min and itching within 30. That of course made me soooo sleepy so work sucked. I think sleepy was better then itchy, plus I lived and made it home. lol

Hubby is doing ok, thanks for all your comments. His stomach is still bothering him but he's getting a bunch of free samples of the meds the hospital proscribed tomorrow so I'm sure he'll start feeling better then. He's flying out at 6am to see his mom in FL for the weekend. She works for a doctor and thats whos giving him the samples. I wish I was going, it's so cold here (OK) and he'll be in the beach. LUCKY!! Hope I can stay busy and not kill (I mean explode my feelings) all over my family while he's gone.

Getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. I'm so excited! I'll try and post pic tomorrow night. Plus I gotta pick up my progesterone to start that Friday morning! Were doing this!!! Now to stay busy until Tuesday and to get some sleep tonight before my alarm goes off at 4am. Thats gonna be rough!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This day was insane!!!!

Work is crazy! Went in early so I could leave for 1 1/2 hr to do the IUI.

I went in and didn't have to wait long and they had me back. My fav nurse came in and she busts out with 18 million post wash!!! 18 million!! 5 million more then last time. WOOHOOOOOOOO

We joked and talked like normal and it was over in a flash. She said over and over this is going to work, they are putting you in progesterone and this is going to work! She said she's been on a roll lately and so she knows this is it. I love her!!! I laid there for 15 min and then went to the bathroom and as I walked down the hall Michelle pops out of their room and was jumping around and goes hug me cause I know when I see you next your gonna be pregnant. I asked her how her treatment is going and they are doing IVF and have retrieval soon. I really really hope she gets pregnant because she's such an amazing nurse and I love her.

After IUI back to work and craziness, I got everything done thought. Hubby had been texting me all day that he didn't feel good. I told him to call the doctor and see what he thought. He thought it could be a bad reaction to his meds.

I went to the chiro and as I'm sitting in the waiting room hubby calls and says he talked to the doctor and he told him to go to the ER and get some bloodwork done. He told me to go ahead with my apt and then meet me there. I was torn because thats my baby but it was my IUI acupuncture apt. I decided to stay as it was only 30 mins and hubby hadn't even left work yet. I think it helped as this morning I was really sore and now I'm not.

Met hubby at the hospital they ran bloodwork and gave him some meds but don't know why he's not feel well. He has an apt next week and I'm thinking they will send him to a GI doctor. So really no answers but he feels better with the meds so we'll see.

I'll leave you with I've done everything I can and now it's in God's hands. This is what I plan to live by the next two weeks. I hope I can hold to this.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cd13/trigger day

I triggered this morning about 630. It was soooo much better then last time. If you need a good laugh just go back to IUI #1 trigger day. I did bleed and I'm sure ill bruse just cause that's me.

I really hope they all grew enough and this works. I'm one of those ppl that takes about 44ish hrs to O after trigger so that'll put me around 2am wed. IUI is tomorrow. Last time I think I O'd about 8pm so I don't think 6 hrs will matter much in sperm living but that's another 6 hrs the follices can grow. One more step and its in Gods hands. I'm going to try and be very zen about it. Someone might need to remind me that in oh say two weeks lol.

Thanks everybody who's stopping by from ICW I can't remember the other letter lol.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I had my US yesterday and I have five follicles!!

Three 11's
One 10
One 13

IUI is set for Tuesday morning! I'm excited! I'll also have acupuncture that day which I think it's really helping!

Part of me feels like this has to work while the other half of me feels like I'm setting myself up for failure. Last time it was so stressful and I felt so sick the whole time and this time it feels so easy and smooth. I feel like shouldn't it work this time since I'm not stressed when it did work last time when I was stressed but then I think if I feel like that and it doesn't work I'll be crushed.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I can't believe we are back here. I feel like I've been very numb lately and a bad blogger. One of my good friends delivered her baby just shy of 34 weeks so I've been trying to be as supportive as I can without being over bearing. It really puts things in perspective. It's one thing to not be able to control my body or when well be able to start a family but it's 10 times harder to see your friend not be able to see her kid in the nicu and hear her cry. It kills me. I wonder if it kills anyone to see me in pain. Wait, now I sound selfish.

So far this cycle hasn't been to bad. I haven't had any killer headache like last time. I don't know if I am in a much better head space and work place this time or if going to the chiropractor and getting acupuncture done. Last cycle we got throw the very good but shocking curve ball that we didn't need a donor, the next day later my cycle started and I got moved to a new job in the company and it was just exteremly stressful on top of horrible headaches.

This cycle I feel numb almost. I don't feel like this is happening. I don't know if I'm not into it or protecting myself or what. I hope I start feeling more positive and happy and ready.

I'm trying to work extra tomorrow because I finally get to have all my allergy testing Thursday! Wed I have acupuncture. If I do end up with a headache that should help. Then allergy doctor Thursday and US Friday.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AF is here!!!!

*Happy Dance* Woohoo!!!! Bring on IUI#2

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I think we have decided to pump the breaks on this whole IVF, clinical trial, egg donor thing and chill out. IUI worked the first time and I'm hoping it'll work this time too. I don't know if were gonna do clomid or famera but either way after this cycle I think I want to move on to injectables. If we have to do IVF well do that in late fall and that will give us time to save.

Now for af to start. I spotted today so hopefully she'll show up in the next day or so.

Thursday, April 4, 2013



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Not a ton going on here. Still waiting on my cycle to start. Was really sick today. Can't wait to see the allergy doctor. I'm still trying to fund raise. I got a call from the egg donor people and they have some one interested in my eggs so I'm trying how to come up with the money. UGH why is infertility so expensive?!