Saturday, August 10, 2013

Post op

Just wanted to give an update on my post ob. The only thing he found was very very mild endo. He said it wasnt even stage one. He said with cleaning it out that it upped our chance of conceiving by 5-10%. With our male factor he said we should do a medicated IUI cycle. We are going to do half clomid half gonal F. He also said that he thinks I do need the PIO which makes me really happy. I really believe thats what we need to have this work. I don't wanna do it but I do.

No word on foster care, still waiting on State to sign our paper so we have day care. So much for 2-3 days, it's been 2 weeks.

If you want more of an update see my youtube channel.


  1. Glad they cleaned that out. Need to watch the videos on youtube when I get a chance! I want to wish you luck though in the meantime :)

  2. I hope it helps! And I hope the clomid and gonal do the trick for you...Praying!