Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Busy

Life has been so busy lately!

DH graduated, we had two parties for him since his parents are divorced and can't handle one party.

We both have started our summer A class (we are both short one class to graduate).

I've worked a ton of extra hours the past two weeks.

I'm really really hoping things will slow down now. Yeah right. I have a ton of school work to get done today.

I've been cramping alot the past couple days which freaks me out. I'd love to be pregnant don't get me wrong, we've tried for so long but now I'm about to leave for the army and DH hasn't found a job yet and yeah you see where this is going. Anyways i tested today and Neg, but my cycle is all sorts of crazy so who knows.


  1. Huge congrats to your DH on graduating.

    Here's hoping life stabilizes soon and, until it does, don't forget to take a moment and breathe.

    ICLW #6

  2. sounds like a crazy schedule, but it sure will be nice when it's all done. congrats!!! don't stress over the cramps, because i totally got those before i got my BFP. in fact, i still cramp a little every now and then. crossing everything that this will be your cycle!

  3. Stopping by from ICLW! Congrats to your DH on his graduation and congrats to you for only having one more class to go :) I hope this is your cycle and that you get your BFP!

  4. Here from ICLW. Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on! Hoping for the best for you!

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