Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling alittle overwhelmed.

I feel like there is so much going on in my life right now and everything is happening so fast. I kinda feel alittle freaked out. We all wait and wait and wait for things to happen and I'm so use to nothing going right and things always staying the same that the fact that everything is about to change in a matter of a summer is so SCARY!

Ok heres whats going on the next few months.

4/29 - last day of classes!!!!
4/30 - Graduation pictures then surprise DH graduation party. This has been the hardest secret to keep ever!!!!

5/4 - Finals
5/5 - DH Graduation
5/7 - DH moms graduation party (she wouldn't let me be involved, let alone have anyone from his dads side of the family there so we have to have two. So DUMB!!!)
5/9 - Summer Classes start for DH and I. We both have to take one summer A class to graduate. He just gets to walk in May since he's so close.
5/9-5/20 - The husband of the parents I work for will be out of town so I'll be working an extra 15 hrs both weeks.

6/2-6/4 - I fly to San Antonio to find an apartment. Well have a firm move date then. YAY
6/24 - Final for Summer class!! This means DH has BA and I have my AA! YAY
6/23-7/4 - The husband will be out of town again so another extra 15 hrs both weeks.

7/8 - I think this will be my last day of work however it depends on our move date, nor I have I told them I'm quitting.
7/11 - Tentive day the movers are coming
7/12 - Finishing any cleaning and head to San Antonio
7/18 - Movers deliever our stuff

8/1 DH birthday

9/5 - Stay in hotel
9/6 - Ship to MO for basic

Now you can see why i'm kinda freaking out. I hope that after spring classes end things will lighten up, even if it's only because DH won't have to drive an hour to and from school two days a week and will be home to help clean and cook and stuff.

Theres so much about to change and I know it's for the best but it's scary. Theres just so much to do, that list, plus packing and working and finishing school and I still have to hit the gym at least four times a week. I know it'll just be crazy for a little while and then well be moved and I'll have 6 weeks off to just spend with DH and relax and really train and be ready to leave for basic.

Thanks for letting me freak out. I know mines nothing compaired to some of you that are expecting twins or triplets and stuff but it's my reality right now.


  1. That is a lot to have on your plate at one time! I would try to take things one day at a time (easier said than done) instead of looking at it all at once.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog re: saving money by couponing. I would be really interested in learning about any helpful tips or just how to get started. If you wouldn't mind sharing, can you email me at Thanks!!!

  2. Wow!! That's a crazy schedule!! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll make it through in one piece. :-)

  3. A little early on ICLW--but I chose your blog because it said "Army". I am an Army vet, so it's nice to see another Army gal here. Basic training in Missouri in early Sept--whoa the humidity! Well girl--just stopping by to share some Army and IF love. All the best! :)

  4. I found you through ICLW. Sounds like you have a very busy summer. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

    All the best,