Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hang in there!

I've just been working and trying to keep my mind off things. I feel like the 12th is so far away. I am trying to slowly try to get things done so when we go to our meeting and get the paperwork were ready and prepared so we can get everything checked off quickly. I've started working on the life book. It's pretty much just a book with pics of us, family, friends, animals. I'm only about three pages in but so far so good. I ordered a new dresser and book shelf to get finished unpacked. We just don't have room for all our clothing so that should fix the mess in our room. All thats in the spare/baby room is books so a bookshelf will fix that. Then I can try and make it more kid friendly. I wanna get things clean and organized and ready for the home study, even though I know it might not happen for a couple months. This whole waiting for 2 plus years might get a little annoying! On a brighter note, OU has decided to give me in-state tuition so I'm all set for school in the Fall! Maybe that'll help me keep my mind off things while I wait. Who knows I might have to slow it down and only take one class because were giving a baby, or I might have my BA by the time we get one. This is crazy, I feel like I live in two worlds.


  1. We live in Washington county (Fayetteville). I know what you mean about feeling like you're living in two worlds. The limbo is killer.

  2. Congrats into the tuition! Good luck with getting everything organized.