Tuesday, June 4, 2013


10dpiui- spotted twice so I was hopping it was implantation bleeding

11dpiui - spotting got much much worse so I figured I was out but still hoping it was implantation cause I'm on progesterone.

12dpiui - I've been bleeding to the point I need a tampon, not as heavy as normal but much more then spotting. Tested before all this this morning and it was neg so.

How do you start your period on progesterone? I've never had a cycle this should. I'm so annoyed. I have an apt tomorrow to go over my injectibles and I'm going to talk to her about why my cycle is so short. UGH anything else I should ask?


  1. Sorry to hear that it looks like this cycle is not successful. A big hug to you.

    After my first IVF, I had spotting while on progesterone. In retrospect i am thinking that the dose was not enough to deter AF, as we my second IVF I had much higher dose and no AF until after stopping the meds.

    Hoping you can get some answers at your appointment tomorrow.

  2. Generally it means your progesterone is not high enough. What form are you on?

    With my successful cycle my Doctor checked my levels 7 days after retrieval (equivalent to ovulation) to make sure they were where they were supposed to be. That way, changes could be made in a timely fashion. You could request that.

  3. I would ask for progesterone testing next time, 7dpo, in case you need a higher dose of supplements. It isn't uncommon to get AF while on progesterone, but sometimes it can take a few days. Mine was usually delayed, and yet the cycle I was pregnant with V I started spotting/bleeding at 11dpo while on progesterone (my progesterone was super low that time). It really varies cycle to cycle, and depends on your progesterone level.