Monday, June 17, 2013

CD 7-3dpiui

Sorry I've been so bad at updating, I've been so sick.

I ending up stimming for 9 days. 150IU of gonal F the first 7 and 75 the last two days. I was sick the whole time.

I did IUI on Friday. We had 12.6 million sperm. I had three mature follicles and possibly two more that might have caught up. They had a really hard time getting in my cervix but finally did with a lot of cramping. I'm on crinone this time and I like it much better. I hope it helps!

Yesterday 2dpiui I started having really bad pain in my ovaries and back. Couldn't even sit up this morning at 3dpiui. I finally talked to the doctor and he said based on my E2 level day of trigger he doesn't think it's ohss. He thinks my ovaries are just inlarged and swollen. He told me to keep drinking gatorade and track of my weight and if I gain more then 5lbs call him. I hope thats all it is but I'd really like to not be in pain. I pretty much slept all day today and I have tomorrow off already since my brother is in town. Hopefully I can at least make it to lunch even if I cant go to the lake.


  1. FXED For you! And I hope you're feeling better!

  2. I get like that after trigger sometimes. Hopefully it subsides soon for you! Good luck this cycle! Hoping so much for you.

  3. Haven't heard from ya in awhile, just checking on you!