Friday, July 26, 2013

Long overdue update.

I'm so sorry i fell off the blogging wagon. I don't know if I was depressed or just annoyed or what. This has just been super over whelming and frustrating. Theres an update for you all. If this video doesn't work you can also view it here.


  1. Nice vlog. Sorry your recovery from the lap hasn't been so nice. I too had the shoulder pain (from the gas they use in your abdomen during surgery) and it sucked! Also, I can't believe you didn't get more time off! Sure, it's a "simple and not too invasive" surgery, but it's still surgery and painful! I hope you continue to get well and that your next cycle is successful!

  2. Wow. You've been through so much. I was dx years ago with low progesterone, and I don't understand why I was on the suppositories and not the PIO.
    Thanks for the update. I hope they find the right protocol for you, and you guys get your BFP!

  3. *hugs* I hope you feel better soon!