Monday, April 25, 2011

Busted! You got pregnant once so I'm sure it'll happen again!


I had a feeling we'd have problems. My mom had alot of infertility problems so I kinda knew there was a good chance I would have problems as well. Because of that DH and I chose to start trying pretty much right after we got married. To our surprise I got pregnant month two. I'll never forget DH face and he was like I thought you said it might take awhile, this hasn't been awhile.

As most of you know that pregnancy ended at 5w4d. Of course because we got pregnant so fast everybody says well you got pregnant so you'll get pregnant again. Even the doctors at first were saying well the good thing is you got pregnant once so we know you can get pregnant.

Don't we all wish that were true. Here we are four years later and I've never been pregnant again. Nobody knows why. They said it was my thyroid and I should get pregnant quickly once that was fixed but we did six months of clomid and drugs and battling my weight. Now a month off meds and my cycle of course went crazy. I know our only option is IUI and we don't have money for that and we don't have insurance and so I'm joining the army for us and hopefully for our future family and to give DH time to find the job he loves.

Now though I'm crying thinking about how much this sucks. Why can't it be you got pregnant easy and fast and so it'll be that easy and fast again? I want a baby more than anything and I know that I'm doing the best thing for us and our family and yes that we can't try when I'm not with DH to try but once I'm home I'll have a good job and insurance and we can't go full steam ahead with IUI.

HOW did this turn into me crying?! This was suppose to be about busting the lies people tell!


  1. I am so sorry for your struggle :( I really thought since our IVF worked the first time that our FET would too. It is funny how it just FEELS like it should work after it did once. Infertility just sucks and is completely unpredictable. Hoping you get that positive you so want very very soon.

    ICLW #24

  2. I completely agree with the "Well, you got pregnant once" comment. I'm coming up on a year since without anything remotely close to being pregnant. Wouldn't it be nice if it was just that easy?

  3. Ugh I hate the things that people say when they think they are going to make you feel better!!


    ICLW #96

  4. I HATE it when ignorant people say 'you have been pregnant before, it will happen again'. Ah, no it wont!! How do you know that? Why would you say that? Do they have any idea what they are saying? So after passing the 2yr mark, I should still 'Relax'..

    Thanks heavens for Resolve and NIAW. Thank heavens for the IF blogging world, my worl of support. And thank you for your suppport.

    Wipe away your tears, cause Im giving you a big hug. And I also gave you a 'Stylish Blogger' Award... you deserve it..

    Tee @