Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life happen when your busy making other plans

People keep saying that this is going to happen to me. That because I've decided to take time off trying and to join the Army that I'll end up pregnant in the next four months.

As over the moon as I would be after years and years for trying how NOT funny would that be. I don't know what we would do as we are very much planning a military life and DH looking for a job around that. It would totally work that way though. I'd be happy with whatever happens.

I feel like today everybody on facebook decided to update all their new baby pics and those pregnant with belly pic. It sucks seeing all the pics even thought I've made peace with this break and that I'm 100% sure I'm making the right choice by joining the army and saving money and having insurance to be able to do IUI!

Life just sucks sometimes!!! I'm just ready for the next few months to pass so I can leave for basic, come back with a newish life and get back to trying to start our family.


  1. Happy ICLW.. I think that going in the Army will give you the strength and power to fight off IF for good. You will come back refreshed (although tired), and hoping a new energy. Best best best of luck... we still have your back here in the IF Army...

  2. Whoa, the army! That's awesome - congrats on making a big decision. I like Red Power Ranger's thought that the Army will give you the strength to fight off IF...if not power, then definitely weapons! Go get 'em!