Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This day was insane!!!!

Work is crazy! Went in early so I could leave for 1 1/2 hr to do the IUI.

I went in and didn't have to wait long and they had me back. My fav nurse came in and she busts out with 18 million post wash!!! 18 million!! 5 million more then last time. WOOHOOOOOOOO

We joked and talked like normal and it was over in a flash. She said over and over this is going to work, they are putting you in progesterone and this is going to work! She said she's been on a roll lately and so she knows this is it. I love her!!! I laid there for 15 min and then went to the bathroom and as I walked down the hall Michelle pops out of their room and was jumping around and goes hug me cause I know when I see you next your gonna be pregnant. I asked her how her treatment is going and they are doing IVF and have retrieval soon. I really really hope she gets pregnant because she's such an amazing nurse and I love her.

After IUI back to work and craziness, I got everything done thought. Hubby had been texting me all day that he didn't feel good. I told him to call the doctor and see what he thought. He thought it could be a bad reaction to his meds.

I went to the chiro and as I'm sitting in the waiting room hubby calls and says he talked to the doctor and he told him to go to the ER and get some bloodwork done. He told me to go ahead with my apt and then meet me there. I was torn because thats my baby but it was my IUI acupuncture apt. I decided to stay as it was only 30 mins and hubby hadn't even left work yet. I think it helped as this morning I was really sore and now I'm not.

Met hubby at the hospital they ran bloodwork and gave him some meds but don't know why he's not feel well. He has an apt next week and I'm thinking they will send him to a GI doctor. So really no answers but he feels better with the meds so we'll see.

I'll leave you with I've done everything I can and now it's in God's hands. This is what I plan to live by the next two weeks. I hope I can hold to this.


  1. Hoping for you! Good luck.

    Sorry the day was so crazy though :(

  2. Sorry the day was crazy but sending you so many thoughts. Congrats about the post-wash!!

  3. Hi! Dropping in from ICLW.... Good luck to you! I hope your husband is feeling better.

  4. HI! Good luck!!! Hope your husband recovers soon!
    -Jenn from ICLW

  5. Fingers crossed your baby is being conceived right now. Hope your hubby feels better.

  6. Hope this IUI is successful for you. Kind of a crazy day you had huh?

  7. hi from iclw! Praying this is the cycle for you!