Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today I was quite emotional. I feel like I somehow have become the black sheep in my family or I'm always going to be 2nd best. It's really annoying in general but even more so when its about babies. There are no grandkids in the family as of yet so when I'm the one trying to get pregnant it's frustrating my mom cares about my siblings future kids and not mine. It's like saying she's givin up on me either having any at all or being the first one to them. (remember my brother got married in May and my sister is getting married in Nov) Anyways I'm trying not to let family get to me but I can't help it when it hurts. I just feel like me or my life/family (chris and I) are not important and thats hurtful.

I had a really bad breakout of hives today at work. That was fun, all over my face and neck to start and it spread all the way down my stomach, legs before I was able to get away and go get something. As soon as I took the meds they were gone in 15 min and itching within 30. That of course made me soooo sleepy so work sucked. I think sleepy was better then itchy, plus I lived and made it home. lol

Hubby is doing ok, thanks for all your comments. His stomach is still bothering him but he's getting a bunch of free samples of the meds the hospital proscribed tomorrow so I'm sure he'll start feeling better then. He's flying out at 6am to see his mom in FL for the weekend. She works for a doctor and thats whos giving him the samples. I wish I was going, it's so cold here (OK) and he'll be in the beach. LUCKY!! Hope I can stay busy and not kill (I mean explode my feelings) all over my family while he's gone.

Getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. I'm so excited! I'll try and post pic tomorrow night. Plus I gotta pick up my progesterone to start that Friday morning! Were doing this!!! Now to stay busy until Tuesday and to get some sleep tonight before my alarm goes off at 4am. Thats gonna be rough!!


  1. So sorry you are under so much unnecessary stress right now. It sucks when family stops being supportive. Maybe your mom is trying not to put pressure on you. Just not doing a good job of it. Sorry sweetie. I know how hard it is.

  2. Sorry about the hives! That's awful. Hope you feel better soon. I am also jealous that your husband is going to Florida. The weather is not warm enough here either.

  3. Yikes about the hives, but glad they cleared up.

    Sorry about the family too. It can be really hard dealing with family and their expectations, especially with weddings coming up (which always turn to baby talk, at least around here, ugh).

  4. i just wanted to stop by and give you a hug and wish you lots of luck for this cycle.

  5. Yep, I can understand the family frustrations. My little sister is getting married and everyone is already talking about when she has a child and I want to punch everyone in the face.
    Sorry about the hives. Ugh, I hate that drowsy feeling.

  6. I am really sorry for all the stress and everything you are dealing with. Hoping you feel better soon and praying this cycle works out for you.

  7. Here from ICLW - So frustrating when family does things like this. They just dont' realize how unfair they are being, I think.

    And I read your About Me page - so glad you were able to keep going and find someone who could correctly diagnose your problems. It's so frustrating when doctors don't listen to their patients!