Friday, March 25, 2011

Army update

A of the two I wanted opened up and I took it.

I was already set up to take my physical next tuesday with out a job so now they'll just switch it to a full one since I am now slated for a job. My leave date is 9/19 (our 4 year wedding anniversary is on the 22nd...sad)

I'm going to be an MP. I'll be in basic and ait together for 20 weeks with a two week christmas break.

Ok so is it bad that I didn't tell DH I took the job? I know one it will add more stress with school and he'll be thinking about what he should do (ie stay here till Feb or find a job and move until then) he'll wonder if he gets a good job before sep if I'd not join (I wouldn't join if they got an awesome job). I just know how stressed he is and the army always brings up long talks about our future and where we want to live and money and on and on and on and I just don't want to add any more stress with him being so close to graduating. What's six more weeks to wait and tell him when I'm not leaving till Sep anyways? Maybe I'm a horrible wife?!

Anyways like I said if DH finds a great job with good insurance and I can just focus on going to school and getting pregnant by all means I'd not join. Sadly I just don't know if he'll be able to find a job or that he'll make enough money for me not to work. I want a baby more than anything (I won't be preventing a pregnancy in the next six months just fyi) but is it really fair to not have the money or insurance we need to raise one? I'm not thrilled with not being a stay at home mom but I know DH would be an amazing dad so I'm just having faith that everything works out. I mean lets face it I might freak out before Sep and not join or something else could happen. Just cause I took the job doesn't mean I have to join, I have until the 2nd swear in (right before you leave for basic) to back out if you will.

Don't yell at me if I don't join!! LOL Can you tell I'm kinda freaking out/happy/excited!


  1. I think you should be honest with dh. How does he feel about this?

  2. I was pretty sad when we realized I will probably never be a SAHM. But we hope that I'll only have to work part-time through the preschool years. Have you considered part-time, or is it an all-or-nothing thing for you?

    Anyway, good luck, whatever you end up deciding!

  3. Oh, wow, army??? I thought you were working with children LOL I hope you can't go (cause you'll be knocked up) :)
    By the way, if you go, will you be able to do the blog? I am not really familiar with how this whole army thing works plus I am in Canada :)
    I too think that you should discuss it with DH sooner rather than later. Just today my DH and I were discussing how important it is to share everything between each other, and we do just that. it keeps the family unit strong.

  4. Here from ICLW. Congrats on the job! =)