Thursday, March 31, 2011

Even the back burner hurts sometimes.

IF and getting pregnant has 100% taken a backseat to school, work, gym, and working toward the army.

Most days I'm ok because I know I'm doing the right thing by waiting. Then there are moments that I see a pregnant woman or someday has hey I'm pregnant and it still stings and brings back all those wants and desires.

I did talk to DH about the Army and as I thought the first words he said were I wish you hadn't told me, this stresses me out. After a few days of thinking and destressing and we had a long talk and although I'm not sold that he's 100% on board he's 110% got my back.

I had my physical and that went awesome. I even got to switch jobs to the one I wanted more. I'm now going to be a combat medic. Hopefully I'll score high enough in the class to get into nursing school. If not I'll just work on my BA while I'm in.

As sad as I am to put off babies for a few months I couldn't be more excited!!! I really hope everything goes as planned and works out.


  1. i'm so happy that you're happy with your decision. i really admire you for joining the army. i hope you score high on your test and that you enjoy the work! good luck!!!