Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm still alive...

Just really sick. Ive been fighting this cold for two weeks and this weekend its gone to my chest. I should have gone to the doctor this morning but I keep hoping itll get better. Today my tonsils (?) Blew up. They are so swollen I can hardly eat. Im kicking myself for not going to the doctor this am. Now im stuck with no car and no hubby till he gets back tomorrow night.

Oh yeah and i have a horrible sun burn. Im so stupid.

Also ive been fighting a lovely yeast infection. Of course this is my window for bding. Weve dtd a couple times but I dont think ive oved yet. Is it worth it being so sick? I mean i did take meds. Ahhh I just wanna cry and whin and say I want my hubby to be home to make it better.

Sorry for complaining and thanks for listening.
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  1. You sound like you need to go to bed and start your day again! Hope you get better...xo

  2. Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon. Post an updated.
    I am a bit sunburned too, and the stupid cold is not going away :(