Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heres all the info!!

Help the Overbey’s fund IVF/Adoption
All proceeds go toward medical/legal fees.

$50 Restaurant.com gift cards for only $20!!

For Scentsy Orders (http://scentsy.com/products/scentsy-catalog.aspx) get in touch with Jennie directly or email FundIVF@gmail.com

See our live auction page (all items will be uploaded by end of May)

Donate Directly 

Hello Family and Friends,
We are excited to share a few opportunities with you that will help us to fundraise for IVF as well as Adoption (whichever opportunity comes up first) as well as benefit those who make a thoughtful contribution in our support.  As you all know, IVF and adoption are very expensive so we have a lot to raise to be able to bring a baby home, so every little bit helps.
In order to alleviate a portion of the cost, we have partnered with Coupaide to jumpstart a fundraising campaign that will give us the chance to reach out to family, friends, friends of friends, and so on.  Coupaide offers $50 Restaurant.com certificates for only $20!  Half of each sale will go towards our adoption, which has the potential to make a great difference in regard to the overall cost.  
A great friend has also set up a scentsy fundraiser for us where a percentage of all orders go toward our IVF/adoption fund. 
We have also set up an auction of items we have purchased and have been donated to raise money.
Last but not last if you aren’t interested in any of the products listed but would still like to help we have set up a direct donation site. Once again very penny helps and brings us closer to our goal of starting a family. 
If you have any questions, comments or would like to know more about our journey please email fundivf@gmail.com

Chris and Jennie 

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