Sunday, March 10, 2013

What a day

This morning we were running late, mostly because I was so tired I couldn't drag myself out of bed with the time change. Normally we grab food on the way to church as it's about 30/40 minutes but we were so late we didn't. I was still spotting dark dark blood but only when I wiped. (It got less and less thru out the day and nothing now) We got there fine and church started and I got really hot (it's a pretty cold day here, around 35) I took my jacket off and started feeling really faint, and like I was gonna throw up. I was fanning myself and Chris must have been worried and texted my mom and she made me leave. As soon as we got outside in the cold I felt better but mom being mom made me go back to her house and I ate and felt even better, drank some water and felt a little better. My mom made me call the doctor to make sure I was ok, I guess she was really sick with her ectopic. The doctor called and by then I was feeling so much better. She was very sweet and said she was sorry she had scared me with the ectopic talk but she just wanted me to be informed but that at this stage theres only a 1% or less chance of rupture and that this is called morning sickness and she's so sorry that I have to deal with the bad parts when this may turn out badly, she said she hopes shes wrong and we get good news tomorrow but well just have to wait and see. She said it I start feeling sick and I stay sick then I should worry but this is just morning sickness and I need to eat every few hours so my blood sugar doesn't drop. WHO KNEW! I felt kinda dumb. Tonight everybody was asking if I was ok they said I looked horrible, white as a ghost. OOPS!

Tonight after church Chris and I talked more and more about the adoption party and how much baby or no baby we wanted to adopt. We thought we should write the childs case worker and just put ourselves out there and do the best we could to keep our name in her mind when she goes thru the home studies.

Heres the letter for those that care.

I just want to take a few minutes to say hello and tell you a little about my husband and me. I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to meet you yesterday at the adoption party but we did have time to talk to B and meet T (T T).

We really enjoyed T and are extremely interested in getting to know him more and possibly adopting him if all goes well in the future. 

A little about Chris and I, we have been married for 5 years. I was born in OK, Chris in FL. We met in FL and lived there until about a year ago. I work for -- with a very flexible schedule to work around a child's school. Chris works for Cont.inental-- in the accounting department; his is fairly flexible schedule as well perfect for school drop offs. We have tried for to have a child since we got married and have been unable to conceive. The longer we go without a child the more and more we just want to be parents. After meeting T it's even more important for it to be a child that needs us as much as we need/want them. 

I think we would be a good fit for him because Chris also grew up lacking male role models to help shape his life. Chris would make a wonderful father, to T, because he gets the importance of a having a father in his life and how that promotes a more stable childhood. We were told he needs a good strong male roll model. We have become a good team over the years and Chris has always had my back which I know is important when raising children. Chris wants nothing more then to be the father that he never had in his life.  I think I would make a good mother to him because I can be understand that this is a difficult transition on him. I also understand that he needs dad and I'm ok with stepping back from time and letting Chris take him out to play baseball and have that one on one time. I think I'm a good listener, nurturer and want nothing more then to love a child. Also, I would be a dedicated mother; putting T's priorities first. I would love nothing more then to help raise him to be a good man, whether thats doing homework, being the loudest mom in the stands as he plays sports or being a shoulder to cry on. 

We also have a two bedroom apartment with a room we had originally decorated for an infant, but could easily be made over for his comfort as it has a full size bed and dresser. We are also looking for a house with a yard to run around and play sports in. We don't have any other children at this time and would have a lot of time to spend doing homework, playing sports, and helping him grow. 

We are very open to helping him keep in touch with his sisters and grandparents as we know how important family is. My parents live in Mustang so any child we adopt will have grandparents and an aunt around. 

I know that we may not be picked but I just wanted to do everything in my power to let you know who we are and what we want. I know that your job is extremely difficult and I hope and pray T finds the best parents a child deserves. I know if we are lucky enough to be picked we'll do everything in our power to be those parents.

Thank you for you time.

Jennie and Chris 


  1. I love ur letter! Fx for ur appointment tomorrow!

  2. That is a really nice letter. I really hope it helps you start on the process to T! And fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  3. I think it's a really nice letter too :)

    Hoping for good news tomorrow.

  4. Love your letter and good luck today!

  5. I hope you're feeling better! I think the letter is great...Praying for good news today!

  6. Good luck today, Jennie. I've been thinking about you! XO

  7. Hope you got good news today. Still waiting to hear... : )

  8. This is a great letter. It really lets your compassion show. Hope you got some good news. <3