Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I feel like thats all we do as infertiles. I haven't started bleeding yet. I have more blood work tomorrow and then my RH - shot once I start bleeding. I want nothing more then to just get started on IUI 2. I haven't talked to the doctor yet but I'm hoping he'll let me add progesterone after IUI next cycle. I still don't know if I should do clomid again or ask for femara. Clomid worked but oh the headache.

Is it bad that I think maybe next time it'll be perfect, maybe well get twins as like a make up or something. I feel kinda bad being relieved this is over. I just felt it was bad from the beginning. I tried my best and did everything I could to make this pregnancy work but it just wasn't in the card. Man I want it to be my turn. Lord please bless us, PLEASE!

We are going to the dhs adoption party on Saturday. I know there won't be any babies there but maybe it'll help my faith.


  1. Sorry that things are taking longer- I always hated that wait (*hugs*)

    Hoping that next time things do go easier and work out wonderfully.

  2. Waiting SUCKS! And you're right, it seems like that is all infertiles do!

    Personally, I liked femara much better than clomid. I did 4 rounds of Clomid and I ovulated every time, but didn't get pregnant. With femara, I had much fewer side effects and even ovulated a little sooner. I got pregnant my second cycle on femara.

  3. The waiting is horrible... I'm right there with you. Waiting for testing, waiting for smiley and IUI, waiting to POAS.... and then you do it again. I am confident that WE WILL be moms! Hang in there!