Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week One Weigh in and "hiding" our infertility.

I weighted in today and I've lost 5.2 lbs in a week. I'm so excited!! I have 13 days till I see my brother and parents and I really would love to lose at least another 5 if not 10. I hate hearing my mom call me fat. Even though I'm not over weight.

Moving on. I've seen a lot of ya'll write and talk about how we aren't 100% open with our infertility and I've been thinking about it a lot the past few days. I know that it's implied when I comment on Facebook that were infertile but I've never come right out and said it like many of you haven't. I would guess like many of you it's because I can't bare to hear the unwanted advice or the your young you have time, it'll happen.

Today I got this message on FB and it said hey girl hows it going just wanted to find out how things are and how the RE is. I sat there for awhile and thought did I tell her about our problems or did she get what I've been implying for a few months now. I still have no clue but I wrote her back and told her how things were and she said I'm so glad you emailed me back because were having problems too and I feel so alone and of course even though she's married to my ex (were all friendly but it's still kinda weird she's so nice to me lol) I just wanted to hug her and cry with her and say your not alone I'm here and I understand. It just shows how many people there are out there like us and do understand. We aren't alone.

She also sent me this link. I found it interesting and sad. Enjoy


  1. I've been pretty guarded about our problems, although I'm becoming less and less so, and I have found that opening up has resulted in finding more people who do understand--who are going through the same thing. It's interesting...

  2. Yay for weight loss! Good job! I have been more open lately about my infertility, and it's been great! Not everyone knows the right things to say, but overall I'm happy to share it with others and create awareness. Good luck!

  3. Let's SHOUT it out!! I have never been quiet about SIF. I once got an email from an Aussie comedian/celeb about the news his wife was preg. I'd bought his nook and he signed it and now he sends emails out on what he is up to. So I responded to his email with a link to my blog. He said best wishes and said he would have a read. A couple of days ago I made print in the Sydney paper praising Nicole Kidman on her honesty of infertility and hot main page comment next to a shot of Nicole.

    The more we open up, the more of us we will find with a voice.

    Great post!!

  4. I find the longer I am on this journey, the more I want to open up to people. I haven't told many people, but with the recent turn of events I am more open to telling close friends. It is such a hard topic to talk about for me, but it sounds great that you were able to relate to someone.

    Congrats on the weight loss, sounds like you are doing great!!! I hope your family notices and tells you that you look great!! you should post some before and after pictures as you progress on your weight loss journey.

  5. Happy ICLW! And huge congrats on the weight loss- you go girl! I was always more open than not, but found it easier to be open with

  6. I've always been hesitant to be open about IF... b/c I felt (still feel to some extent) that a stillbirth then secondary IF is a double failure of my body... but I've ended up finding occasionally that when I've opened up to others (outside of blogging) that they share their own story of pregnancy loss or IF... such is this secret world that we need to open up xoxo

  7. I'm another one of the open ones. at least I was in person, but I didn't out myself on facebook until about 2 weeks ago. strange how things work. Most of my experiences with it have been good, but not all. overall, I'm glad that we're not hiding, and I think it's important to make this less of a taboo topic, but it doesn't always make it easy,

  8. Congrats on the weight loss!! That is such a great feeling.

    I just read the entire article and am enraged that this is not more public support for IF. I want to do something, but I don't know what. I am one of those people who has told my family and close friends but am not incredibly public about it. I'm waiting for the day when someone asks about when I'm having kids and I spit back, "I'm infertile." It must get to a point where that happens. Thanks for sharing and Happy ICLW.

  9. It's hard to be open with infertility. There is such a stigma attached to it. My biggest thing is I don't want pity-- I just want people to know that this is a horrible experience. Good luck and great job on the weight loss!