Monday, January 14, 2013

Figuring things out

Before I go back to Thursday after our appointment I'll just say it is day 6 of the meds and I think I am finally finally starting to feel better. Still coughing but I am feeling better. I just hope I can kick this 100% before I run out of meds.

Back to Thursday after our apt with the adoption case worker. With DH losing his job it was kinda hard to focus on anything but looking for a job. He had just got this old computer up and running with all of this old stuff from school he had. He spent all night updating his resume and putting together his portfolio. As excited as I was that he was excited to have it up and running and filling out applications the day and meeting was weighing on my mind and lets me honest babies always are.  Plus I couldn't stop thinking what happens to the adoption if hubby doesn't get a job quick.

Finally he came to bed and we got a few minutes to talk and have a real heart to heart. I asked DH what he thought about the low risk placement. He said he was just worried about my heart and how I would handle it if we got a baby and they were takin away. I told him that I understood that but that low risk placement meant that we would have a much much better chance of getting a baby. He said if I was ok with that then he was too. We talked about doing emergency foster care and how that might be a good way to kinda ease into being parents without jumping all in all at once. This brought on a whole new topic of day care and how we would handle that. Will they take a temp placement? New questions. How soon can you get a baby, what do we need to have ready just in case. What about DH job, what about money?

I decided I needed to call the case worker and some day cares and get answers. There were just so many new things happening all at once. Plus I felt like everything was falling apart at the same time. What were we gonna do about money, what if we got a baby before a job.

More on my phone call with the adoption case worker soon.


  1. I always say that everything happens for a reason. All pieces will fall into place, whether the baby comes before or after your DH finds a job. FX for a short job search for your your DH.

    Also hoping you are feeling 100% soon.

    Curious to know what your adoption case worker tells you, so do update :)