Monday, January 28, 2013

I feel like a liar!

Co-worker: why are you leaving early Wednesday?
Me: I have to go meet somebody.

I feel like I'm lying. I can't say I have a doctors apt because then my mom (who works a floor down from me)  will ask why.

How do you go to all your monitoring apts without people knowing what's up?


  1. I would simply say you have an appointment. People are so freaking nosy!

  2. My clinic offers super early appointments (like 6:30) for monitoring so you can get to work on time without problem. Hopefully your clinic offers the same. Otherwise, just say you have an appointment and leave it at that. It's nobody else's business.

  3. My RE clinic had early appointments as well so I never had to make up an excuse. However, if I did have to come in late I would just say I had an appointment. They don't need to know details and it's none of their business. If it gets back to your mom just say it was a dentist appointment or chiropractor or something :)

  4. In the beginning our appointments were far apart and I was able to go to them early in the morning. The ones that did occur at work I simply stated I was going to an appointment which of course resulted in 101 questions that I did my best to tap dance around.