Saturday, January 19, 2013

This and that

I am feeling so much better! Not 100% but better. Im still coughing but I don't feel like sleeping on the bathroom floor at work so I think thats a plus.

No word from the adoption agent. We are just chugging along. DH was offered a temp job. It should last at least a month. It's not the job he wants but it will be a filler while he's looking for a better one. It makes me feel better to know he'll have something and we won't be jobless.

I got an infant car seat last week. It's the one I wanted and it's got three years before it expires. Makes me feel better because then at least if we get a baby I'll have a seat. I really want a convertible one as well. I'm all about a deal and it kills me to think about buying one at the last minute because we get a call about a baby (foster or not). I just haven't brought myself to do it though, I just want to put what we can toward IUI/school.

DH and I have been talking about if we should move forward with IUI or not. We have decided to keep my apt on the 30th. The insurance lady called and they will cover all the testing just not treatment. We talked it over and think it's a good idea to redo all the blood work, SA, HBA and at least get a better game plan. Then we can decide on if we can afford IUI this month or the following. I don't foresee anything being off with me (i hope that hasn't changed) but it would be nice to retest DH and make sure they've run all the test avil to both of us.

Here are a few pic of the car seat. I'm only slightly excited to add one more thing to my I have list.

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  1. Hi from ICLW. Very nice car seat. Hope you get to fill it soon.