Tuesday, January 22, 2013


First I wanna say I'm blogging from my phone which I hate because I seem to always miss words. If that's the case I'm sorry but here goes.

My little brother is getting married in July in WA. I live in OK. I've been planning on attending for months. Planned on buying plane tickets wih tax return and save the rest for school an IUI. My brother is very much like me, always has a plan, ready to go months ahead of time. He was all pumped when I talked to him in AUG about hotels. After working for Hilton for so long I know the earlier you hold a room te better the price so I got on that in Aug as to save as much as possible. I researched everything within 30miles. Talked to my brother a million times before booking. No one other than my brother and I are planners so if I'd let it up to them no one would have even thought about it till June. My brother approved the location an so I booked every ones rooms. Great deal! Like $55 a night. Now it like $80 for the same hotel. I'm sure some of you are thinking $80s still good. It is, but when your trying to save money and its in the middle of no where it's only so so. All the rest I've seen are well bet $100. Plus we're staying a week. Then you have to add a rental car, eating out. You get the idea it adds up fast.

Sunday my mom asks me about the hotel because my sisters boyfriend now wants to come so we need another room. I tell her what we have and add another room and confirm ours. Then yesterday she busts out with your brother says that hotel is to ft away and we have to change it. To a town ten minutes closer. I'm sorry what. I've looked for other hotels. Sure there are some but way more money. I looked Sunday just to see when I added the extra room and it was cheaper to add an extra room then try to find a suite hotel with two rooms. I'm so annoyed because why is ten minutes worth $300? I don't understand, plus he approved this hotel before booking. I've been planning on spending X amount of money for 6 months and now you wanna change it?!

I feel like I'm being a brat. I'm my the only one in this family. They don't know we want to do IUI. They do know about hubby's job stuff and they know I dropped my classes to save money. We are ok but money is really right. We do want to do IUi now because we are sick f being derailed. I'm just annoyed because they don't care that we want a baby an that costs money, they don't even care enought that I did all the research for hotels. It just hurts my feelings.

Am I being a baby? This isn't my wedding.


  1. I don't think you are being a brat at all. Under the circumstances I think your family members are acting like brats. A ten minute extra drive? What is the big deal about that. You need to do what you guys are comfortable with and hopefully family will understand, if not then they can get over it.

    1. What hurts is when I told my mom I was stressed about money an the whole thing is annoying when it's really not much further. She says you don't have to come. They'd rather me not come then drive an extra ten minutes really?!

  2. Gah, why do weddings bring out the worst in people? Maybe you should tell your brother if he wants you closer he can pay the difference. :) You shouldn't be expected to throw money at the wedding - like you said, it's not even yours!

  3. Definitely not you! Them, yeah, sorry to say. I'm a planner too so I totally get it. If they want to give you the extra money, then fine, but to expect you to come up with more money all of a sudden is not cool.

  4. I would rather drive 10 minutes than pay more moeny for a room! I am all about the best deal! I say stick to your guns!