Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phone call w/adoption case worker

Update on my health. Still sick! I feel extremely run down today. I'm really worried they are going to send me to a specialist because I am still sick and this is day....I don't even know. I think 7 of 10. UGH NOOOO This is bad you guys!!

Ok Friday I called a few day cares just to see how the whole temp foster care thing works with day care. I just kept thinking what if we get a kid on Friday night and I have to work at 630 Monday morning. The first guy kinda acted like I was dumb and how can he answer my questions if I don't know when or the age. The next one I called was a lot nicer and did temp care herself. She said it can be stressful but dhs is very helpful and there are a lot of day cares so you can normally find one you just might have to change from week to week if it's temp. 

I talked the case worker and she told me something similar. That we are kinda doing dhs a favor and they aren't going to just drop off the kid and not call or help until they find a foster family. That made me feel better, she understands we have to work. 

I asked her what happens if Chris doesn't have his job and she said we fill out a new financial form and thats it. They won't take us off the list or anything. I told her that it's not like we can go to long with only one income so I don't see it lasting long if it happens. (yes I'm horrible I haven't told her he got laid off) 

I told her we are willing to do the emergency foster care and we wanted to move forward with a low risk placement. She said that he thought that was our best bet for a baby even thought they don't get a lot of placements. She said it happens in waves, three in one week then none for awhile and so on. 

I feel like we are getting somewhere. I know that we may not get a call for awhile or it could be tomorrow. Thats not scary at ALL! 

More to come on where IUI stands and the job hunt...


  1. I can't believe you are still so sick Jennie. I feel for you! We had a foster child (my half brothers little boy) and DHS helped us out alot for the few months we had him. Daycare was a big worry for me, but after calling we found a great place for him until school started.

  2. A lot of times they can back date the payment to daycare. Some daycares are okay with that and others not so much. If dh isnt working you should tell them, dont withhold info. They will still give you a placement. Ive learned with the system you always want to be honest. Im sure you will have a placement before you know it! It took 3 weeks for us to get our first call.