Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm such a fatty!

I can not stop eating! For real. I'm normally like this right before AF but that's not due well if I go by OV for over another week so I don't understand. A minute ago DH told me I need to put down the sandwish. I was like but I'm starving! He says we just ate but that was over three hours ago!

I talked to a lawyer today. He said I really don't have a case unless I can prove they fired me due to workmens comp which I can't. I'm not surprised since this is a right to work state.

I'm oddly calm considering I don't have a job. We'll see if I'm this calm when I find out how much in unemployment I'll be making. I've spend the day looking for a job and applying for places for DH when he graduates in June. I really hope he finds something he loves and it's in a town we'll enjoy!

Nothing new on the TTC front. Trying not the think about dpo and af and do I feel pregnant, do I not feel pregnant.


  1. Don't bee too hard on yourself. It is ok to snack in between meals as long those are healthy snack.

    You know I am not the one to give advise :) but DH and I were talking about healthy eating and losing weight, and all it was just talk, until our Family Doctor told us to stop eating sugar, wheat and a few other things and gave us a whole bunch of vitamins. For some reason, we've been pretty good for the past 4 days (since the apt).

    I am sorry there was nothing your lawyer could do about your termination. So unfair!!! But, hoping that it is all for the best. My philosophy is "whatever happens, happens for the best", so you will get a much better job soon (and get pregnant!). So keep your chin up!

  2. In response to your question - our doctor was saying that something in wheat makes something in my body act against my ovaries. I am so far removed from the medical field that I didn't really remember what exactly she was talking about. She was also referring to celiac disease, but I have already been tested for that and it came out negative. Although, she was telling me about Eat Right for your Blood Type book, and there for type A (me) the author also says to limit wheat consumption and concentrate on other whole grains like buckwheat (which I love) and oatmeal as well as rice and quinoa. I know that this explanation is clear as mud, but we decided to follow what doc was saying, just in case. :)

  3. I've heard to limit the sugar, too. But I would listen to your body about the food. Just make it healthy, I guess, and eat if you are hungry. Make sure you are getting a lot of water, too.
    Sorry about the lawyer's report. I'm glad you are still being positive! Stay strong!

  4. I think you are amazing for staying so positive. I still can not believe that they let you go like that as it seems to have broken every HR policy that my company has (and what I can not, under any circumstances, do as a manager).

    It seems trite but I'm glad you're not there any more because your old boss sounds like a serious piece of work!

    Stay strong girl!