Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thyroid update

I had my visit with the doctor yesterday. She was a doctor ive never met before and after waiting for two hours I was not impressed! She finally came in and started asking me really dumb questions. It was clear she didnt read, glance, skim over my chart whatsoever! This annoyed me mostly because she kept going well that isnt in his notes. Stupid woman you only have the notes from my last visit where im sure he doesnt write a book or repeat himself every visit. Weather its on that paper or not it doesnt state in my chart i do have infertility, my thyroid has been out of wack for almost three years, they checked my blood surgar just to be safe because i am trying to get pregnant and i do have a long family history of it.

She also says when you get pregnant (I wanted to be like wow glad you know itll happen or good to know your so confident when im not) you need to see us every three months. The problems with this are. One) I already go every three months so why bring it up if you want nothing to change. Two) both my normal doctor and the RE and ob said they want it checked as soon as I get a BFP as well as every four weeks at least the first 3 months since A) ive already had an early loss and B) my thyroid has been so crazy the last three years. I really should have told her off at this point but i didnt.

Finally after making me really late to my hair apt, which ill try and learn how to post pic later. She just gave me a refil and a script for blood work for 10 weeks from now. Wow a total waste of time and money. However my thyroid is normal for the first time in almost year years so thats awesome!
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Just to be clear as I guess I wasn't. My thyroid doctor is awesome!! I've had problems for two years with no results and he went from wildly out of control to normal in 8 months. The woman I saw was a doctor in his office who works for him. My nexts apt I made sure is with my normal doctor so no worries there!


  1. she sounds like a real winner. ha! congrats on your thyroid being normal. yay!

  2. Yay on the thyroid. Celebrate it big! All the women in my family have thyroid issues and its horrible. You're a champ for handling it like you have.

    Your RE sounds like my first RE. I went out on a limb when I changed after 4 years (dreading the fact that I'd have to start over with someone else) but it was the best decision I've ever made. It's made all the difference for a different outcome after long years of infertility. If it feels "off" and out of touch- go with your gut.

    Hang in there!

  3. So happy that your thyroid cooperating with you for a change.

    As you know, I have issues with change (especially changing docs.), but you should consider a different doctor for thyroid issues. You do want to be able to trust your doc 100%. Good luck!

  4. I read your post again and you made perfect sense - but I didn't. Sorry for the confusing comment. Let's blame it on my pain killers... :)

  5. Well, I have no one to blame :) for not reading it properly. Thanks for clarification.

    You should make sure that you always see one doctor. I hated that with my old RE every monitoring visit there was a different doctor (the same with procedures).

  6. Yay for the normal thyroid and Yay for the real Doc next time! Sorry about the really annoying visit, though.