Monday, February 14, 2011

To scared to test

AF is due today and nothing. Normally I have spotting before AF shows and none of that either.

I though all night about testing this morning but then my temp was down so I couldnt bring myself to test. Of course that happens when you get up early and hardly sleep. After a nap it was right back up so.

I feel like shes going to show up any min but nothing yet. I need to test because im supose to see the doctor asap if I get a positive but im just so scared. I cant do!

Ill post my vday stuff later when i have my computer. DH is studing for a big test.
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  1. Oh boy, that sounds really promising! Test, test, test! (Okay, don't listen to me--I'm a bad influence.)

  2. I want an update!!! You are like me, I also spot before AF so know a head of time that it is coming. I am also not a fan of POAS and chickened out from testing a few times :).
    Soooo excited for your though, hope this is it!!! When you are ready, take the test and let us all know. Good luck!!!

  3. Im sorry you are scared to test. I know how heartbreaking that negative test can be but you never know it may just be positive. Good Luck!!

  4. No update, and it is Tuesday...I'm starting to worry. Hope all is well girlie.