Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New gym member

I took some night cold meds so I have to write fast and I can feel them starting to kick in. I need the sleep more than you know. I haven't hardly spelt in three days/nights.

I signed up a gym membership today. I worked out for an hour today and ate healthy. We'll see if I feel it tomorrow. I have a personal training section tomorrow to make up a work out plan and to work around my hip injury from less than 6 months ago.

I'm feeling good just for getting to the gym, now I just have to keep at it!!!!

Nothing to report on TTC front. Started soy isoflavones today. Heres to my birthday month being lucky!!!


  1. Good luck for your birthday month and happy gym-ing :) I admire you - I've never been able to even get to the stage of joining up ! xo

  2. Finding a gym buddy really helps. I recently started walking with a co-worker and it makes it so much easier. See if you know anyone else who is a member there. Congrats on making moves in a positive direction for your health.

  3. I feel so much better when I work out too... guess I need to put that on my to-do list too. Good luck!!

  4. Good job! Keep up the good work!

  5. That's amazing! Keep it up and you'll be one sexy mom!!! And do get some sleep (it also helps with weight loss ;) )