Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm happy with my decision

to switch RE's after yesterday.

First let me back track. I needed to have my thyroid checked before my apt so I was going to get it done Friday morning and because they do more than just my thyroid i have to do a fasting blood test, well I forgot and woke up starving at 4am and so i ate and then remembered i wasn't suppose to. oops so I fasted to have my blood drawn Monday. My primary doctor also does the blood test for my endo because he referred me and he's here and my endo's an hour away. I go in and they say they won't do by blood test anymore because he hasn't seen me in awhile. I was so mad because he said he couldn't see me for my thyroid thats why he send me to an endo. I was hungry so i was super cranky! I left almost in tears and decided to call the 2nd office with the doctor I like better, they said they didn't see why they couldn't do my blood work but she'd check and call me back. I was so mad I went ahead and ate.

In the meantime I call the RE and say I'm coming thru Tampa tomorrow so can you get my medical records ready and I'll sign the release tomorrow. (I talked to them a month ago and they said just call a day before and they'd get it ready) The lady says she can't do that because it takes 5 days to get my records and they have to mail them. WHAT?! Why didn't you tell me this a month ago?? I did talk them into giving them to me in person by next Thursday if I fax in the form. I'm so annoyed!

Then the doctor called me back and said they'd do my blood work! YAY To bad I'd already eaten. Now I'll have to not eat again tonight to have them do my draw tomorrow morning. I'll never go back to doctor A again. Only reason I go to that lab is they women there is AWESOME but I dislike the doctor. Love doctor B but not the lab, oh well.

Anyways I'm really happy I'm switching Re's after the way they acted on the phone about my records.


  1. Good Luck!!! Switching REs was the best decisions that we have done. Wishing the same to you.

  2. Ugh! Getting records is a pain. Drs are such cranks about that! They don't want to see you anymore so get over it! LOL! I worked for an ass Dr so I know first hand.