Thursday, January 26, 2012

Such a nice day

Some days I feel like my husband must read my blog. I know he doesn't but anyways.

He took me to a GREAT lunch and then we walked on the beach. He asked how I was feeling about IUI coming up and talked about baby names. We talked about where to go from here if this doesn't work. It really was what I needed today. It's amazing how he knows just what to do sometimes. There were things I wasn't thrilled with. He doesn't want to do IVF if this doesn't work (money, I get it) but it still broke my heart. We talked about adoption, and if we'd be ok with that and the stress involved. I just hope IUI works and we don't have to deal with any of those choices.

I really am lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I know that things aren't always perfect and there are days I swear he just sits and giggles to watch me want to kill him but I am truly blessed.


  1. Hi from ICLW! Best of luck on your IUI! I hope you don't have to make the decisions about afterwards either, except what to name your baby :)

  2. Hi! I thought I was following your blog, but it turns out I wasn't so I've been missing tons of stuff! I can't wait to hear about your IUI experience. I think being ok with adoption and having a back-up plan reduces the stress of the IUI.

  3. Glad you got what you needed. What a wonderful Hubby indeed.