Thursday, January 12, 2012

Money Matters

Anybody else sit and wonder can I afford IUI, IVF? Do we have the money to have a baby (i.e. get pregnant) let alone raise one?

I'm the worrier in our household and I'm stressing. Our lease is up in April and we'd like to move out of state because DH finally finished his BA and doesn't have a great job now but with no calls back on any jobs and not sure which school would be best for a masters. (He's doing a lot of research) I know we can stay here if need be but neither of us want to but it's stressful thinking about moving and not knowing where and at this point no ones called so they do then who knows where well live and if they don't call do we stay here with not a great job or more for school and then neither of us have a job and I'll possibly be pregnant since IUI is end of Feb. Is this the right time? I mean the reason were doing now before we move is because we got such a great deal on that its hard not to give it at least one shot because we move since this program isn't offered all over the county. AHHHHHH

What is wrong with me?! Anybody else stressed about money while TTC? I feel like I'm always asking this money question because we never have as much as we'd like. LOL


  1. I feel like fertility treatments and stress about money go hand in hand. We just paid for 3 IVF cycles and it feels good to know they are already paid for regardless of how many we need. My MIL's eyes got really wide when we told her how much we have spent so far on treatments.

    Even though my insurance covered IUI's my husband's insurance didn't cover the sperm washing (or whatever they do to it.) Each time it was $333 and we did that 3 times. When the chances so low with IUI's we decided to move on to IVF.

    Will you do injectables with this IUI? That's when it gets expensive.

  2. Money is a big deal with my husband and I when it comes to IF since nothing is covered for us by insurance. I hate to always talk about the money cause I feel that others may see me as being selfish but I see it as being realistic.