Monday, January 23, 2012

To sock it or not?

I've seen some really fun socks on some of your blogs on the day of transfer or IUI and I've been debating if I should get some fun, good luck socks. I normally wear flip flops but changing it up and taking pictures might be fun and it'll be something to do that might help the stress.



  1. I have no idea if socks help, but if it helps you relax, go for it! Best of luck on your IUI!!
    (from ICLW)

  2. Make it fun. I wore fuzzy socks and I had my prayer/comfort shawl with me. I didn't take any pics. I forgot.

  3. Socks or anything you can wear (leg warmers) on your lower extremities is fun! Don't go spending too much money on it, but if you can find decently priced ones (or knit them), it is worth it if you enjoy it.
    I almost always wore knitted sock-toppers that my mom made (not the foot part, just the tube/top part). I guess you could call them leg warmers, but my mom didn't call them leg warmers, so neither do I.

    And pictures would be fun! I always forgot, or never had enough time on the table (alone) to take a picture.