Saturday, January 28, 2012

It sickens me...

The way people treat their children these days.

First I just want to say I get that people aren't perfect, I'm far from perfect, I have many many flaws and I know I will fail time and time again as a parent, however some things are just not ok.

I was asked to babysit today and I said no problem. They are my nieces, any day any time. I love them. Well I was going to keep them while their dad worked till midnight and tomorrow till 4, so they were going to just stay the night. I get a text an hour before they come from grandma saying she's picking them up at 630, I just wait to see what dad says cause it's his weekend so I was confused. He gets here and says she begged to have them since her BF will have his kids. I figured since I have to work I'll just miss out on them tomorrow night and let her take them. I said ok no big deal.

Well dad leaves and the oldest starts crying and I said babe whats wrong (this isn't like her) and she says I don't wanna go home (they live with mom and grandma) I wanna go to daddys. I tried to explain that daddy was working and she'll see him in two weeks. She was just crying and crying that it wasn't fair she never gets to see daddy and she only got to see him for a day not the whole weekend like she was suppose to. That the younger two see daddy every week and she can't because of school. What do you say to a 6 year old when they are telling you this. She asked why she couldn't see daddy next weekend and I said it was mommys weekend and they were going to see B (moms new BF) and she got all upset and said she didn't want to that mom and B fight all the time and she wanted to live with daddy.

None of this matters to mom and she pretty much told me as such when i asked her what to tell her child that was very upset. She doesn't see that this divorce and putting her new bf before her children is wrong. Fine you don't want to be married, you want to date this new guy before you've even filed but don't put him before your kids. Getting a divorce is hard enough without putting for kids on the back burner.

It just makes me so mad that people that don't care about their kids at all. That people like that can pop them out right and left and good people like so many of us can't.

As I sit here this sweet face of the middle child comes and says Aunt Jennie can I sit in your lap and write on the computer too. How can you do this to a sweet harmless child. It's so sad!

Sorry, that was my vent of the week! ENJOY LOL


  1. I feel you! It's hard to not judge.

  2. That just sucks no matter how you put it. Divorce is not fun, even in the "best" of circumstances. Keep on being a great aunt and in this way they can know some stability.