Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The battle has begun.

Today has been quite a day. I am still pretty sick...well sinus/cold stuff. Stopped up, sneezing, blowing my nose a lot. Not I also have AF and a nasty fever blister on my lip. OUCH

I call the doctor this morning and the girl says the office hasn't really opened yet so can she call me back when she's got a chance to pull my file and call me back after nine, sure. She calls back and says she can't make my US apt because dh HBA hasn't come back. I explain that the doctor and I talked about going ahead and getting started with the meds and bloodwork at the same time as his test and she said that would be fine since I was so close to starting my cycle so we don't have to wait a full other month. She says I'm just going by what your chart says and it said if HBA is fine continue on with IUI so I can let you talk to the nurse if you want. Fine, isn't mine nurse she's out of the office until tomorrow but sure. OMG she gets on the phone and what a WITCH!! It took everything in me to be nice. First she reads word for word the doctors notes start to finish. Yeah I was there I remember. Then she goes on to tell me how it would be really stupid and a waste of time and month to do IUI if the HBA comes back as a fail because that means the sperm can't get in the egg and blah blah blah, like I'm stupid. She's talking to me like I'm dumb, like I didn't talk to the doctor for an hour, or that I haven't been dealing with this for FOUR! years. I tried to explain without crying that we had talked about doing it at the same time and I understand that we might start the meds tomorrow and find out friday that he failed, she kept acting like i'd have to go thru with the whole IUI even if that was the case and I'd be wasting so much money.

I also asked about the test because I was told it would be back in 24 hrs which would be today and when I dropped if off yesterday the woman doing the test said it did take 24 hrs but then the doctor would have to read over them so I might not hear till Thursday. Thats still cd3 and the same day I'd do my US, bloodwork and start my meds. Still see no problems here. She finally agreed to call the other office and speak with the doctor and call me back.

I know the doctor will say I'm fine to go ahead as long as we know the risk were taking blah blah blah. I'm just mad that this nurse thats never met me was so rude! This journey is hard as is without you talking down to me and even more so talking to me like that on cd2, do you know how emotional I am about having a baby?!

The other thing that bugs me is when she read the notes from the doctor it says do 2-3 rounds of IUI and move onto IVF. I thought they normally did at least 4 before moving to IVF. If were both so young and healthy and they don't know why we can't get pregnant why are they pushing IVF so hard. I won't even be 26 till next week I shouldn't need IVF. Not to say I don't, maybe I do, maybe my eggs are crap but why are they pushing so hard. We only did 3 rounds of clomid, none of them monitored, very little bloodwork. I don't get it. What are they not telling me??? I feel like theres something going on that they aren't telling me. Am I crazy????

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  1. No, you are not crazy. Similar thing happened to us. On our first apt RE was seriously pushing for IVF, and both DH & I were not ready - physically, emotionally and financially. We understood how much not ready we were when we attended an IVF information session. I insisted on IUIs and we actually did 5 of them (I cancelled the 6th one myself). It took us 2 years until we were ready for IVF, but I have no regrets for taking that time.

    IVF is a serious step, but from what I can see/read a lot of REs are pushing for it right from the start without giving many other options. I really hope that an IUI will be your solution, and you don't need to get to the point where you need IVF.

    For now my advice is be your own advocate and insist on what YOU think is best for you.