Thursday, February 2, 2012

I got the job!!!!!

I'm so overly excited!!!!!!

It's really good pay, full benefits after 90 days and if I don't get pregnant and quite when the LO is born they'll pay for my BA after a year.

This will help with all the medical stuff we've been paying for out of pocket. We can get a 2nd car which we've been needing for along time! Were looking at the Honda Insight. I'm pumped!

It really wasn't an interview it was more of this is what the job is do you want it. I'll be the admissions directors assistant. I'll be doing anything from being her eyes and ears to paper work to just doing whatever she needs. I'm super excited because this is perfect for me!!

The best part is I'll be working three days a week 9-5 and the other two 12-8 so hopefully I'll be able to do monitoring appointments with no problems. The doctor is two hours away so I'm nervous.

Anyways all in all an awesome day. Hopefully I'll start mid next week or the following Monday. Just waiting on my back ground to come back!

Thanks for all the good lucks from yesterday!!