Saturday, February 18, 2012

I wish the voices in my head would stop!!

Not real Just how women's heads can't stop thinking and wondering.

I just want to move forward. I want to have a baby already, i wanna be pregnant. It just sucks that it's so hard and it's going to cost so much. I kinda wanna be mad that it's so easy for everybody else but at the same time I'm grateful we have an answer and hopeful that we can get pregnant now. I just hope it works!

Then theres the whole DH needs a job things and I'm praying so hard. I hope that in a few months well look back at this and think it was all worth it. I hope that DH gets a good job and well move and have hopefully have infertility insurance and things will finally be easy. Does that ever happen??

Just please pray something amazing comes along. Love you guys, your comments and encouragement help so much!

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  1. Hi! Just visiting from ICLW. I shared a post today about the struggle my husband is having right now. Praying for something to come along for you guys!