Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday after the whole sperm thing, DH told me he thinks he's been feeling weird because he thinks he might have had another seizure, he also noticed he'd bitten his tongue. That of course became my main concern more so than a baby. Although I have to admit I couldn't stop thinking about it. I just want a plan it makes me feel better. DH didn't want to talk at all yesterday because he felt yucky and needed to sleep. That was really hard.

I'm worried about DH mostly because he shouldn't be having seizures while on meds. Then he tells me he misses pills a lot...ugh men I swear. Plus he drives a car for a living and I can't think about him having a seizure while driving. I've been telling him for along time he needed a new job but I think he finally sees my point.

Our focus for now is to find DH a job! Were looking all over the country, mostly to get out of FL....I hope!

Once were moved or at least have a new job here well get back to the baby thing. We agreed to look into everything from adoption, foster care, IVF, sperm donor but we both already know were going to start with donor sperm, we have talked about it before, but if it makes DH feel better to look into everything I'll do whatever makes me happy, even if I just want to get back to trying.

Am I horrible for feeling like we've wasted four years and now this whole cycle since we didn't find out until cd2. I just want to start trying now! I know we need to worry about a job first but it's hard not to want a baby.


  1. Sometimes you have to step back and get things in order before moving on. I hate that sometimes, especially when our heart are screaming now now now. I wish you so much luck on his Job hunt journey. You are a sweet wife to put things on hold in order to help your hubby :) Thinking of you!!

  2. Waiting to get started is the hardest, but I am glad we had the setbacks because it gave me time to properly grieve and really get ready for the next step.

    I hope your Hubby gets his medication situated. My brother has to increase his every 6 months to a year to keep them working.

  3. I didn't know your DH had seizures. So does mine. I think his meds are partially to blame for his semen issues. Does he take any fertility supplements? We saw dramatic improvement by having him drink more water/less soda, multivits, and ferti-aid for men + motility boost. It took about 3m of this for the effects to be seen. Maybe he could do this while you get other the other things sussed out? Feel free to email me if you want! domino783 at gmail dot com

  4. I hope he finds a new job soon! Maybe a new job in a state that has insurance that covers ivf and infertility treatments!! That could be something to look forward to!