Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fail #3

Tried to get my blood work done again today and they said they couldn't find it in their records that I saw Dr Walsh and was referred to my current Endo by him. I know I was. To get my labs done there (much cheaper than labcorb) I have to make an apt with him. Oh well maybe he'll decide since my thyroid is now under control he can take over my care which would be nice since it's only a mile or two from home and not an hour. To bad this means I won't have my labs back in time for my apt with the RE. I'm not worried about it though as I haven't been having any majors problems that make me think that it's off or anything.

Oh an awesome note!!! I have a job interview tomorrow! I've had a couple in the past couple weeks but nothing has panned out but this one I have a really good feeling about. It's for a college and I interviewed there a few weeks ago and they liked me but then noticed I am in school for my BA and don't have it yet. I never thought I'd hear from them again so when she called today and was going on and on about how she's sorry it didn't work out, all the while I'm thinking yeah yeah I got your letter and then she says well I liked you so much that I want you to interview for the administrative assistant job that just opened up. I didn't post it online I thought of you as soon and I heard they needed someone, can you come in tomorrow!!! My husband thinks it's my job to lose and I kinda agree because in a way this is my third interview with them. The best new is it has INSURANCE!!!!! and benefits and the starting pay is the same as the job I interview for before and the way I see it this one doesn't deal with the students or cold calling people so it's better!

Please Pray!!! I really want and need this job!


  1. Good luck. Saying a prayer for you!

  2. Good luck on the interview! So cool that the lady thought of you when she heard of the opening!