Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend here. Tons of thinking, wondering, hoping, worrying and dreaming.

I'm trying to remember everything I forgot to post after my apt. The doctor did put me on baby aspirin to prevent another miscarriage but other that isn't worried about it happening again, just things it was a first pregnancy fluke.

I am slightly worried about DH HBA. I know that well deal with it if he fails and if he doesn't well go on with IUI and just be ok with not knowing why we can't get pregnant.

DH found out this company is merging with another and won't know anything until March. Most seems to think all will be fine and nobody will lose their job but I can't help but worry as we move forward with IUI about DH having a job since I'm unemployed. We did decided I'm not going to focus to much on finding a job, I'm sure all apply if anything great opens but for now were going to focus on IUI and school and not worry about it. Who knows maybe I'll get that job at the school.

On to the dreaming, I mean literal dreams. Crazy dreams. Dreams where we have a baby, dreams were we don't, dreams were we have more than one. The worst was that DH failed his HBA and we decided to do donor sperm and we had a baby and then when the kid was 10 DH and I went thur a nasty divorce and DH tired to say the kid wasn't his so he wouldn't have to pay, knowing full well a blood test would show he wasn't the bio dad. I woke up crying.

What were you told your change of success would be with IUI? We were told 15% because I'm in my twenties. Our chance for twins was 10% and triplets were 1%. Does this should right. I feel like it's so low. 15% really?! UGH!


  1. We weren't told a specific percentage, but the RE's website said 5-20% chance without any meds like Femara or Clomid. I think it's ridiculously low considering they should be timing it perfectly. I've had thoughts similar to your dream. They are scary! What is the HBA test?

  2. I thought it was 16% based on what I read, but my doctor said since we were doing injects it would be closer to 20%. Then there was a 30% chance of twins, was either 3% or 1%, and then less than 1% for more than that. I also thought that was a little low considering that the timing is supposed to be perfect, but what do I know. It worked on my first time. Hoping you have the same results! Well, not the same end results, just the same results of having it work your first time. :)