Saturday, February 11, 2012

So far so good.

Well I think overall the apt with the new doctor went well. I mean I only cried once so that's good for me. Lol she was very nice, a little figity and kinda a close talker. She said she really finds it crazy when someone in their twentys can't get pregnant with all the tests at normal. She really wanted to help keep cost down and keep us from having to drive so far to much.

She said she wants to do leturzole 3-7 after a cd3 U/ S. She isn't totally convinced I need any help ovulating but I said I wanted it either way. She also wants to do an HBA on DH since he does take meds for his seizures just to make sure his sperm can penetrate the egg. Has anyone had this done? I've never heard of it before. This totally freaks me out that something will be wrong.

So we'll do dh test Tuesday and if it's good we'll continue if he fails well do donor sperm since we don't want... well can't afford IVF. Do leturzole and then cd12 US with trigger and then check my progesterone day21. They are going to do two IUIs. 48 hrs apart. I'm very happy they are going to check my progesterone because I asked my old RE and she wouldn't do it and what if it's horribly low?

She did an US and said I have very pretty ovaries. Dh thought this was funny and kept saying see baby you have PRETTY ovaries. My linning was a 10. That good right? I should be starting my cycle soon. It would be awesome to start af this weekend so I could do my US he day of DH test since the office is two hrs away. She did comment on the socks I wore for the US, you must have been dealing with infertility for awhile to be trying to be fun and wear awesome socks!

I think that's it. Thanks for hang in with me! Man I've never wanted af to show up so bad before!


Hope you understand cause DH didn't. Silly boys!


DH wanted to take pictures too. LOL

He had to get the socks in. Love him!


  1. Love the pictures, esp the socks! Cool that the doctor commented on them too.
    Hurry up AF!
    We've never done an HBA. Let us know what it entails and how it goes.

  2. Glad your appointment went well. Sounds like she's being thorough, which is good. Don't worry, you're not taking anything that I took!!! Just be careful what socks you wear the day of the!!