Saturday, February 16, 2013


Just chugging along here. I have a three day weekend so I'm trying to stay busy. I've cleaned our bedroom and put away about 6 loads of laundry. Also went to lunch with hubby!

I'm still bloated, slight cramping when I woke up. That went away once I drank a couple glasses of water. I do have a mild headache which I never have during the tww so I'm hopping thats a good sign. Remember I'm not on progesterone so it's not that. My bbs are pretty big and sore. That is normal for me.

I'm sorry that I'm being so boring. I just want to remember this one if I am pregnant and two if I'm not then I'll know what is and isn't a sign next cycle. Man I hate this! I'm not this person that looks at everything and thinks is this because I'm pregnant? Did it work? UGH!

Now after talking to Chris yesterday I can't help but wonder did the egg fertilize? If it did then it should be nearing the end of this fallopian tube journey. My question is what does it do for those 3-7 days until it implants? Just bounce around in there?


  1. It travels down the follapian tube. It's a long journey for such a small egg, so that's what takes a few days. It implants in the uterus once it makes it down. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with this IUI. Hope you get your BFP!