Tuesday, February 19, 2013


There has been a lot of drama today but we've moved on. It's sad somebody I thought was my friend clearly isn't and just went above and beyond. I've moved on because I have God, an amazing husband and good friends. It's all good!

Today I woke up with pain in my low back. I don't know if thats a possible symptom or maybe I just twisted it or something. It's never hurt like this before so I don't know. I'm still slightly bloated but not as horrible as before. My bbs hurt SOO bad but like I've said before thats normal for me. One thing I know for sure is I've been trying to drink one cup a day of grape juice (I read it helps with implantation) but it takes weird and smells like wine. Never had this problem before, so weird.

I'm going in tomorrow morning to have my progesterone checked. I think it's fine but they just wanna make sure it's high enough if I do get pregnant to stay pregnant.

Thats all I got for now. Off to bed, I'm so tried!


  1. I am sorry about the friend drama. You don't need that on top of what you are going through. It sucks to find out someone isn't who you thought they were :( Praying for a good P4 number today and I hope all those signs mean somthing good!!!

  2. That sucks about your friend. Ugh some people. Hoping those are good signs. I didn't know about the grape juice. Wonder if I should try it. It can't hurt.

  3. Here from ICLW. I hope you get the result you're hoping for very, very soon!

  4. Good luck with the progesterone check!! Praying that it is an early symptom and you are getting a BFP in a week or less!!

  5. Sorry for the friend drama.
    good luck with all the symptoms and progesterone check. fingers crossed.

  6. Pineapple is supposed to help implantation also.