Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The doctor just called and I was a little taken a back that it was him as I've heard if he calls it was bad news. I thought oh no my tests were bad. Nope normal. Then he said he gotta hubbys SA came back. Morphology 2%!!!!!!! We are a go for IUI!! The bad news is his count came back 9.8million. Last year it was 48million so he thinks it was a bad sample since hubby didn't want to do it that day and was at the end of this overtime. They check the day of IUI as most know so we'll know for sure if it was a fluke or not. It he does have a low count now then well go see a urologist.

Oh I asked about the headaches and he said we won't do clomid again if this doesn't work.

I'm pretty freakin happy thought!!!!!!

Thoughts? Can his count really drop 40 million like that?


  1. Did you guys have sex (or other stuff) the day before the SA?

    I think it's possible it could just be a bad sample! DH has "sperm donor" sperm (thanks doc for making me feel like total crap as the one with issues) and his fluctuates a lot as much as 100M!

  2. That's awesome news!! I don't know what to tell you about the SA...we've never dealt with anything higher than double digits.

  3. I think it's very possible that it was just a bad test. It depends on how stressed DH was, how long he abstained, how tired he was, etc. Yay for your IUI! Prayers and baby dust your way!