Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trigger drama

That hurt so bad!!!

I tried to be brave and do it myself and I stuck myself but just enough to make me bleed and not get the needle in. UGH it was just a prick so I had hubby come over and he sticks it in and it wasn't bad at all and then before pushing the med in he drops the needle. DROPS THE NEEDLE! Then I start really bleeding. We change the needle and i tell him just do it and get it over with. Keep in mind I'm pinching further over this time so it's not where i'm bleeding and door knob sticks right where I'm bleeding. I was  freaking out cause it hurt like ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. He can't push the meds in so I do that and pull it out and it's just bleeding everywhere. Really bleeding, so hubby nicely cleans it up and puts a bandaid on it. It hurts so bad and I'm sure I'm gonna bruise. I asked why he stuck the place that was bleeding and he goes I figured itd go in easier cause there was already a hole there. WHAT? Then he says plus you didn't tell me not to. Sorry I figured whipping a new spot and moving the pinch over was a clue. It's all good thought cause it's over and I sure couldn't do it myself so ya know. Love that man!!

Bring on IUI!

Just to let everybody know how amazing my husband is even though he did drop the needle earlier tonight I caught him youtubing videos on how to give your wife a trigger shot and how the IUI works. It was so cute he really does care even though sometimes I think he tries to hide it. I love him so much, I couldn't do this without him.


  1. LOL that is hilarious (from my point of view of course, not for you!). I am glad the trigger finally got done though! That is awesome that he was looking up IUI info, but perhaps he should have watched the trigger shot one a few more times prior to giving you the shot hehe :)Best of luck to you!!!

    1. Oh it's funny!! It hurts still but it's a good story! I think he dropped it cause he thought I had to to push in the med. only things like this happen to me so I can find the humor.

  2. I'm sorry that was traumatic- albeit a funny story! Glad you can laugh it off. There was a time where we were finding it hard to find a "new" spot in my belly to inject. Finally after deciding, hubs goes to dart the needle in, only for it to literally bounce off and not go in! We must have hit a patch of scar tissue, but the look on both of our faces when it happened was priceless. Oh, the things we go through for these unborn babies!

  3. You poor thing! That sounds utterly traumatizing. Hopefully there isn't a next time, but if there is, you should ask your nurse to do it. I've had three and they have always done them for me. That's incredible that you have so many mature follicles! The most I've ever heard of is 2-3 and my doctor is hesitant to trigger with that many. Hopefully they all release and your hubby's swimmers find at least one of them :)

  4. Ha ha! That's great! Good luck with your IUI. We have one (hopefully) coming up this weekend. Fx for the both of us!

  5. I was scared the first time I did the trigger too and my DH did it for me. Good luck and you have a really great shot this cycle!

  6. Oh man, I love this story! Not because it was so traumatic for you, but because I can so relate! We had similar troubles when we started the PIO injections. They did get easier though and Hubby became a pro. That is really sweet that your husband was looking up YouTube videos. Like someone else commented above, hopefully your iui will work and you won't have to worry about injections again!