Monday, February 4, 2013

CD5 of IUI

I thought about putting IUI#1 but I'm not putting that negativity out there. I'm trying to stay really positive. Thats hard to do with clomid running thru my vains. I've had a few emotional moments but being in a new department at work and really really busy is helping a lot.

I'm taking the clomid at night and I think that helps a lot. I've only had one major headache, and a dull one today. If thats all I have then I think I'll be ok. This is just so hard. I want it to work so badly and it stings so badly when you log on fac.ebook and see a 21 year old pregnant with baby #2. I'll make it thru and I'll get my baby.  I am strong enough and I can do this!!

I'm just trying to focus on Friday and hopefully getting good SA results and Monday for a lots of eggs, just not to many.


  1. Fingers crossed for you and hoping for some great news on both days.

  2. Hope everything goes well with the SA and you don't get too crazy on the clomid!!

  3. Prayers, baby dust, and fingers crossed for you! This isn't your first IUI, it's your last IUI, it's "THE" IUI. I know how bad those announcement sting, but you are going to appreciate pregnancy, motherhood, every single part of it so much more for this. You're going to be a better mom. Everything is going to be really good because of what you've had to deal with. Looking forward to hearing about the update on Friday! *hugs*

  4. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear that your IUI worked WITH your dh's soldiers and that you 9 months away from holding your little miracle :) You guys are in my prayers!