Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trying to catch up

Ok so yesterday I was bleeding every time I went to the bathroom, like somebody was poring a cup of water out but then nothing on the pad, today a bit less and this afternoon just spotting. Since I took the p4 it's spotting even less. I got my levels at 2 and I thought and thought about what he said and I was really annoyed that he didn't get me the meds. I do like that he is straight forward and tells me if he thinks this is viable or not but at the same time he told me it was 50/50 and he has seen women with a number low like mine go on to have healthy babies so I don't know why he wouldn't give me a chance. After ya'll and talking to the girls on my fb group I maned up so to speak and called. I talked to the nurse and I said I understand he is doubtful but I would feel better if I could start the meds now and at least give this pregnancy a shot. I know it could still go bad but even at worst my hcg is crap and I have to stop the meds but at least I tried. She put me on hold, the doctor said yes but just remember this may or may not work so just keep a level head till Friday. I respect he's trying to keep me from being to hopeful but ya know.

I'm scared that I'll still lose this baby but I'm even more scared not to try. I know that God is in control and things will be ok. Like I said silver lining we did get pregnant.

Any stores of low betas that turned out well???

Oh heres my test from this morning. Top and left is today, right is yesterday. The cheapies top to bottom, 2, 4, 5, 7,8, 10, 12 (night), 13 (two morning, one night) bottoms is today.


  1. I think the progesterone is worth it for the peace of mind, if nothing else. It certainly isn't going to hurt, and you'll know you did everything possible- no doubts. I know it could go either way (been there so many times myself) but I'm still hoping for you. I know it's hard when things don't look good though.

    My betas with DS initially only doubled every 70ish hours in the beginning (at one point every 75 I think) and they didn't right themselves until I fixed the progesterone and stopped bleeding. It really didn't look good though, and my office was definitely preparing me for the worst given my history and how things looked.

  2. I am so glad you called back and that he is giving it to you. Your tests look very promising! Also, I know a girl who got her BFP on her first Clomid cycle and bled a lot at first. Her RE also gave her a 50/50 shot and she was petrified, but she took it easy, mostly bed rest and she is halfway through her pregnancy and everything is great. I have heard of bleeding due to various reasons and everything being okay, so while nothing is guaranteed, you have a BFP and I am praying this one's a keeper! Lets all keep the hope and talk to you LO and tell him/her how much you love them and want them to stay. *hugs*

  3. My beta at 14 DPO with my second was only 12.7. It doubled from there okay, so they figured that I just implanted really late. Don't let a low starting beta psych you out! Prayers!

  4. Got your comment back :) I wasn't bleeding with the low beta number BUT I was on progesterone supplements (suppositories) starting at 3 DPO because I always would start spotting a few days before AF was due, compromising my LP. They thought my lining was starting to shed a little early and a fertilized egg might not even have time to implant before the spotting started. Anyway, it's very likely (given my low beta and the fact that I was usually spotting or on AF by 12 DPO) that I would have been bleeding at that point. I hope that help!

  5. I truly believe that progesterone helped me keep my pregnancy. I had a chemical in June of 2011, after faint bfps on 14 (only viseable on edit), 15, and 16 and them lighter positive on 18 DPO (beta level shown to be 3 by then). I'm convinced that I am an usually late implanter with possible low progesterone levels late in my LP. My progesterone levels after ovulation were always decent, the lowest was 11 I think, but the level seemed to drop too soon. I really hope that this pregnancy is viable for you, but if by chance it isn't I would really recommend finding out if you could do supplements after ovulation. It can't hurt! Keep in mind though, that vaginal suppositories (what I took) don't actually show up on a blood progesterone level, because it doesn't make it all the way to the bloodstream. Also, when taking the supplements after ovulation, I wouldn't get my AF until a few days after I stopped taking the progesterone.

  6. Fingers crossed so much for you.ITA about the silver lining - you saw 2 "pink" lines so you know it's possible!