Monday, February 4, 2013

Here we go

CD1 I have never been so happy to see that red witch EVER! I start clomid Saturday and my US is Feb 11th. Hubbys SA is tomorrow and hopefully well know next Friday what the number is if not it should be in by my US. I'm really hopeful that hubbys number will rock and we can do this thing. This will be the first clean SA he's ever had so thats why I think he'll pass (at least for IUI).

I'm so excited and scared and I'm just ready to do this. I am really really hopeful and yet I know we may have to do several rounds of IUI. At least now that we aren't using donor (I hope) we can afford 4-6 rounds of IUI. Please give us a baby!!!

Also hubby had an interview today for a really AWESOME job so I'm praying he gets it!!!

Alright people bring on the crazy clomid monster!! Just remind

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